Bulhari’s corporate governance team can assist Companies, Organisations and Individuals to develop and implement  consistent governance practices, build capabilities and raise performance.

We recognise that good governance and best practise,  is the first step in creating long-term value for an organisation and is a business imperative. One size does not fit all, but right-sized governance practices will positively impact the performance and viability of every organisation.

Bulhari’s range of services caters specifically to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audience and gives cultural authority to good corporate governance practices which lead to long-term shareholder value.

We deliver customised and in-house programs to ensure members of your governing team understand their respective roles and collective responsibility.

Let's build a stronger future together.

Our Vision - and how we’ll get there

We look to maximise Aboriginal potential by the power of collective action, and we do this in three ways:


We employ evidence-based methodology to carefully assess the impact of service delivery and ensure we implement high-quality solutions to the challenges we tackle.  Development is complex and one size does not fit all. So our partners need to be flexible to refine their practices based on learnings.


Empowerment is an integral and common factor to the way we work in all communities, whatever their differences. For Bulhari, it means helping people develop from passive recipients to owning the changes they want to promote in their communities. Giving people the tools, knowledge and opportunities to create a better life for their families and future generations is the key to sustainable improvement.


We believe that an organisation can best be measured by its people and we aim for the best in the business. That means a workforce with experience and enthusiasm, skills and endeavour. But most of all, it means having a passion about the mission we’re on and the changes we want to help bring about.