Our Difference

Bulhari is fortunate to benefit from a wealth of Indigenous wisdom.  Together, our workforce has amassed almost 70 years of work experience and currently the business boasts three generations.

It’s a great place for our youth to take the first steps in their working careers and we invest in the future by engaging with the West Australian ASBT program.

ASBT includes an institutional  pathway for Year 10 students; and for Year 11 and 12 students not yet “work ready” to undertake a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship.

This pathway currently comprises Certificate I and Certificate II qualifications and is available across metropolitan and regional areas. Thanks to Bulhari’s vision and Amanda Swainson’s hard work, the ASBT is embedded in our company as a chance to give a well-rounded experience of around 12 months to school students who show leadership and potential.

The students benefit from a structured program of training, development and coaching in areas such as reception, administration and IT, with the prospect of graduating and gaining employment at Bulhari. We benefit from their youth, willingness to learn and enthusiasm to help us in our important work.

Helping young people gain a step in life is exemplified by the philosophy behind wilgamarrin, which means ‘to carry on one’s shoulders’. It’s the philosophy we adopt at Bulhari, too.

We believe in helping people elevate themselves to get a better view. To get a broader perspective of what may lie ahead. To enjoy a different horizon and challenges outside their territory.

We believe wilgamarrin is imperative to best train future generations and to encourage sustainability. So we’re happy and willing to take the strain on our shoulders to achieve that outcome.

Imagine if everyone practised such a concept.