Why Bulhari

In the language of the Thalanyji people who live on the lands to the east of Onslow in the Pilbara, Bulhari means “paperbark tree” – a tree which provides sustenance and nutrition through the water it holds in its centre.

It’s a fitting name for a business consultancy which believes in supporting its clients whenever and wherever needed; for a company which operates in Western Australia and South Australia and which is the first Aboriginal owned and operated Native Title Trustee and travel agency in either State.

We invite you to grow with us and reach out to communities who will benefit from what we can together provide.

Who we are

Bulhari Holdings is a proudly independent company which brings together Indigenous cultures from two countries with the aim of helping shape Aboriginal aspirations.

The WA-based company is owned by Georgia Lewis, of Māori descent, and the business is guided culturally by  Trudy Hayes, a proud Thalanyji woman.  Together, the duo are ably supported by a mainly Indigenous workforce.  Bulhari’s Native Title Trust manager is Phillip Williams, who brings more than 16 years experience working with Aboriginal groups in Western Australia and South Australia.

But all our people play key roles. In fact, they’re key to Bulhari’s success because all of its achievements are due to the combined efforts and talents of a dedicated and passionate team.

That is why we invest in the continuous growth, development and improvement of our team members. It’s why we encourage them to pursue new career opportunities both within the company and in the wider community.


The secret behind Bulhari lies in the incredible individuals who are dedicated to making your experience memorable. Bulhari has developed a hand-picked and trusted team of multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-talented individuals throughout Australia, with a wealth of local knowledge at their fingertips who are passionate about what they do.


Managing Director

Georgia Lewis is the Managing Director of Bulhari Holdings.  Georgia's professional background includes more than thirty years of proven proficiency in a diverse range of initiatives that support Maori business and economic development across the globe. 

Georgia has an interest in strategies for social change and extensive professional experience in the family violence prevention field including working with courts, programme development, provider training, research and policy. Georgia's greatest achievement was her extensive involvement in the implementation of the Whanau Ora program which is an inclusive, culturally-anchored approach to provide services and opportunities to whānau and families across New Zealand.

Having completed her university studies in New Zealand and migrating to Western Australia in 2011, Georgia started her own business after she couldn’t find a company that practised the self determination principle.  “Aboriginal People are best placed to drive their own positive end results.  Our job is to provide a vehicle to do that”  Bulhari assists Aboriginal People to become self reliant.


Cultural Advisor

Trudy is the Cultural Advisor for Bulhari Holdings.
Trudy Hayes is a proud Thalanyji woman who has lived and worked in the Pilbara and Perth regions.  Trudy has more than 30 years experience in executive management roles in the Indigenous field and Mining sectors.

Described as personable, articulate, and knowledgeable, Trudy is an effective presenter to community, government, corporate and tourist groups keen to meaningfully expand their relationships with Aboriginal People and Aboriginal organisations.

Trudy's additional background within the mining sector has provided a range of experiences to add to her versatile approach when working at all levels of an organisation, and with internal and external stakeholders. She prides herself on her professionalism, innovation, and ethics.

While continuing her full time employment portfolio as General Manager for Ganthalha Enterprises, Trudy is completing her qualification with the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Native Title Trust Manager

Responsible for leading our Native Title Trust team, Phillip brings more than 16 years working with Aboriginal People and Aboriginal groups in Western Australia and South Australia.

With a particular focus on asset management, including executive leadership, research, compliance and social development, across Aboriginal-centred sectors, Phillip has forged a reputation as a commercially focussed, results driven strategic executive.

Prior to joining Bulhari, Phillip was the head of Native Title Trusts at Plan B Trustees Ltd (part of IOOF) and led the business development team for Macquarie Bank with a specific focus on delivering financial services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.