Bulhari has a strong Native Title and Investments team which is dedicated to helping Aboriginal communities realise the potential of their people, their land and its resources.

Our unparalleled understanding of issues surrounding Native Title – issues including regulatory environment, Aboriginal culture and family dynamics, Aboriginal trusts and wealth management – has helped establish Bulhari as a leading professional Native Title Trustee.

We have developed systems and processes to manage the complexities of Native Title trusts and ensure ongoing compliance with the many obligations of trust deeds and trust law.

We have worked with Senior Elders to successfully navigate issues of developments and service delivery while ensuring accountability. By adopting a hands-on and completely transparent approach, we have delivered a high level of service for beneficiaries and Traditional Owners, from the Kimberley to South Australia, helping them achieve their financial and social objectives.

We have helped develop a business development plan with Rio Tinto and FMG for the benefit of the Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinkura People (PKKP) in the Pilbara.

And we were delighted to be given the honour of being appointed trustee for the trust of the Yugunga Nya People, the Traditional Owners of lands surrounding Meekatharra in WA’s Murchison region. Such trusts have enabled Aboriginal people to embark upon journeys which transform their communities.